The full pass includes 3 stations or daytime activities and all night parties. It also allows you to book additional stations at a discounted price. 

The Shag Beginner pass includes 2 beginner-level stations and all parties, and gives a discount for booking additional stations.  


£10 off full pass.

Applies to groups of 5 or more people from outside London.



£10 off full pass.

Applies to people who are travelling from another continent or require a visa to the UK.

Mind the Shag respects your right to change plans and cancel your participation. We allow you to re-sell your tickets via our main booking system. 


  1. Send an email to that you no longer can attend the event and want to cancel your participation.

  2. We will put your tickets back on sale

  3. Once all of the components of your tickets are bought we refund you.

  4. If before the event some of the components of your ticket aren’t sold we refund you the relevant proportion of your ticket.

  5. We keep 25% of the refunded ticket as a cancellation fee because this operation requires manual efforts for our team.

  6. The deadline is 15-March-2020. After this date, we no longer accept cancellation requests. You can still notify us that you cannot come, but there won’t be any refund.


We encourage you not to re-sell tickets yourself. First, it is difficult because each ticket is a bespoke combination of stations. Second, recently there have been a lot of fake resellers.


If you think you have special circumstances for canceling your participation, please write to us.

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