Because of the recent situation with COVID-19 we are cancelling Mind the Shag this year.

This was a very tough decision to make. We were staying positive for as long as possible. But after seeing how the situation in Italy changed and the exponential growth of the virus spread in the rest of Europe and in the UK we couldn’t stay unaffected. Our hearts are broken, and with tears in our eyes we made this decision.

MTS is not only a dance festival for us. It’s a beautiful gathering with our dance family. A reunion that took us 7 months to prepare. We do the festival purely out of love and passion for dancing and Collegiate Shag. It makes our hearts full every year to see so many people coming to London and enjoying it. However, the perspective changes dramatically when human lives are put at risk.


As organisers we have responsibilities. We can’t bear the risk of any of the guests or the people who are involved in the festival getting infected during the weekend, or even getting a serious case. We think it is better to cancel the festival now than to regret later something that cannot be fixed.

We believe this is the most rational decision for everyone’s health risk, their friends’ and families’ and for the dance community in general. There are many dancers who are in an at-risk group. We should also be thinking about our parents or grand-parents who may be in an at-risk group because of age. With the virus spreading across Europe with exponentially increasing speed, just travelling through big airports no matter in which direction carries a certain risk.

Our intention is to refund everyone. Unfortunately some of the advance payments have already been made and they most likely cannot be returned, i.e. accommodation, flights, deposits. Yet we still have enough money to refund everyone at least 75% of their ticket prices. To compensate for the rest we will offer a 25% discount for any future Mind the Shag.

Saying all this, we really hope that our fears won’t come true. We hope for the fastest recovery in Italy and China, and for a slowdown of the spread in the rest of the world.

Please don’t hesitate to write to us:

Mind the Shag Team
Alex, Krystal, Simona, Ladina

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