If you're a Swing dancer but don't know Shag, or if you know Shag but you would like to review your basics, we have 3 perfect stations for you. In addition we have 1 station that will give you a pure Jitterbug style, that can be easily mixed with your Lindy hop!

These 8 stations require a certain level of Shag dancing. You should be taking Shag classes regularly, have the rhythm in your muscle memory, know the standard moves and be able to dance confidently socially. We want to avoid using labels like ‘intermediate’ or ‘advanced’ as such terms are very subjective, instead we will mark with S(super) the 4 stations that require more experience.

These 2 stations will give you the essence and the moves that will help you to become a rising star in St. Louis Shag.

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You've been Swing dancing for a good while, but you want to get in on the Shag fun? This level is for you. We will start with the basics, but will move on quickly to get you shagging in no time.



Make your dancing and choreographies pop by learning how to transition from a small move to a large move and vice versa, add contrasting footwork variations and hit those rhythms and breaks.


Hops & Tricks

Learn some easy mini aerials and tricks and how to integrate them into your Shag dancing from the masters.



Your journey with an hour with Peter & Aila and an hour with Pol & Sara, to make you a Rising Star of Shag.


Bopper Shag

Learn how to dance to Rockabilly Boppers and learn a short choreography to learn musicality.



This recently released classic clip is stuffed with fantastic material and styling, and we’ve selected some of our favourite pieces to explore.


Swing Out Like
You're From St. Louis

Workshop the three-wall swingout in the style of the 1940s St. Louis Jitterbugs, and then other quintessential regional variations


Rocket Shag

Shag doesn’t have to be huge! By focusing on the little things we can make a big difference to our dancing. The ‘Pocket Rocket’ block looks at widening the tonal range of people’s dancing with shag that is both chilled and compact - ideal for a long night of fast music on a crowded dance floor.


Circle Pit

Learn Superman variations, spins from closed and open position, how to move around the floor and how to combine these tricks smoothly with your other Shag steps and patterns like there is no tomorrow.


Shag Essence

What makes it St. Louis Shag? Learn the basics of this dance, as well as traditional moves like kick-aways, sliding doors, and more.



Master the Shag whip and everything that needs counterbalance.



This block will help you perfect and add flair to the tandem basic, with entrances, exits, and variations.


c&j'S original shag moves

Go on an adventure with us as we show you some of our favorite inventions in St. Louis Shag

Workshops Saturday/Sunday

Factory Fitness & Dance Studio
407 Hornsey Rd, N19 4DX
Nearest Train Stations:
Archway, Finsbury Park, Crouch Hill & Upper Holloway
Also buses from Kings Cross

Special Friday classes

Collegiate Shag with Heiko & Larissa
Shag Pile
21 Old Ford Rd, E2 9PL
Nearest tube: Bethnal Green

St.Louis Shag taster with Rokas & Ruta
Limehouse Town Hall
646 Commercial Rd, Poplar, E14 7HA
Nearest tube: Limehouse



Friday party

New Orleans Jazz with Jimbino Vegan &
Swing Cannibals
Dj Tequila Mockingbird & Dr. Rhythm

Limehouse Town Hall
646 Commercial Rd, Poplar, E14 7HA
Nearest tube: Limehouse

Saturday party

Michael Mcquad's Swing Stars &
Shirt Tail Stompers
Dj Tequila Mockingbird

Islington Assembly Hall
Upper St, London, N1 2UD
Nearest tube: Highbury & Islington

Sunday party

2 live sets with
Doel Brothers
Dj Lady kamikaze

JuJu's bar
15 Hanbury St, E1 6QR
Nearest tube: Liverpool Street, Shoreditch High Street


Open Jack Carey Competition


This will be a social dance competition open to everyone. Leaders and followers will be randomly drawn to dance together to several songs of varying styles and tempos, but will be judged as individuals. Depending on signups we either judge it while everybody is dancing or have a all-skate + spotlights.

Dance battle: 2 go in, 1 walk out

*Sunday Fun Competition*

This competition is in a strictly format, you must have a partner ahead of time to enter the competition. The competition starts with a short warm up song (tempo around 200 bpm), then 2 couples go out at a time for 16x8 counts (tempo 220bpm), but only one couple will walk out. The 2nd round with the remaining couples will be at a faster tempo (~240bpm) and will reveal the ultimate final (250bpm) This competition will get the crowd involved and has the audience vote via our proprietary voting system.


*BCN19 Party Pass
*Glasgow Shag Festival

Last edition


Salty Jitterbugs (Krystal & Alex)

Salty Jitterbugs (Krystal & Alex) Krystal (with Mexican rhythm in her veins) and Alex (with the fast tempo of his Russian heart) teamed up in London in 2016 as a formal dancing couple. Since then they have been taking every opportunity to spread their love for Collegiate Shag, like the premier fast tempo night Salty Mondays.


Simona De Leo

Simona De Leo probably started to draw before she could say her first words. In London she fell in love with dancing and jazz music and started to sketch musicians during live jazz gigs. Jazz and swing dancing strongly influenced all her art and style. She is the creative soul of Mind the Shag!


Patrick O'Brien

Coming all the way from Austria, this yodeling wonder replaced the Lederhosn and folk music with vintage clothes and Swing. Patrick has been at the forefront of Europe’s Shag scene, teaching and promoting the dance in the UK and around Europe. Patrick will be teaching with Fancy and is the "specialist advisor" for Mind the Shag.

For any question, contact us on Facebook or at salty.jitterbugs@gmail.com